Heartstart FRX Semi-Automatic Defibrillator

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Suitable for novices and professionals The Philips HeartStart® FRx Semi-Automatic Defibrillator can be used by those with no life saving experience when first on the scene of a cardiac arrest as well as emergency professionals. Semi-automatic defibrillator

The unit detects heart rhythm and if needed will advise administering a shock via the push of a button.

Clear instructions
By pressing the “i” button, the unit provides CPR assistance, giving the rescuer instructions and audio cues for appropriate number, rate and depth of compressions.
To deliver a shock, simply follow the instructions on pad placement indicated by the placement diagram and press the orange shock button when prompted.
Pads Pre-connected one-size
SMART Pads II for both adults and children to save time during the rescue.

Can be used on infants and children by simply inserting the Infant / Child Key (available separately)
When the infant / child key is used, the unit appropriately reduces energy dose and adapts CPR prompts accordingly.
Rugged design
Can withstand heavy use, jetting water, loads of up to 500kg and drops onto a concrete floor from up to 1.22 m onto masonry surface.
Always ready for use mThe unit self tests daily, weekly and monthly to check pad readiness and functionality. mGuarantee Defibrillator unit
8 years Shelf life
2 years Lithium manganese dioxide battery: 4 years when battery is installed by install-by date.
The battery is labelled with an install-by date of at least 5 years from date of manufacture.
1 x Defibrillator unit
1 x Lithium battery
1 x Pair SMART Pads II
1 x User guide
1 x Quick reference guide
1 x Owners manual
1 x Soft carry case